The work carried out by the Neighbourhood Planning Forum (our predecessor) left us with a list of impolrtant things to focus on:

  • to protect well-designed and popular older buildings that are beginning to fall apart and threatend with being knocked down.;
  • to make sure absent landlords look after their properties better;
  • to get the balance right between new homes being built, looking after existing buildings better and making sure that there are plenty of open spaces to enjoy.;
  • to make sure there is a mix of types of home to suit the needs of all local people. for example we need homes for large families as well as single people and we need homes that are suitable for people with mobility issues.;
  • to make sure all new housing is up to standard. for example it should need less energy to heat it.
  • to attract a wide range of people to live in the area and support the local economy.

A housing needs assessment was planned, and the money was earmarked for it, but unfortunately, it was put on hold by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) because Wirral Council did not have an up-to-date Local Plan with agreed housing targets.  This was a major reason for the Neighbourhood Forum being dissolved in 2018.

We would like to concentrate upon bringing back buildings into use where they help us to meet the priorities listed. Potential projects can be seen in the section on Projects.

The Society (Birkenhead & Tranmere Community Benefit Society) is not a “Community Land Trust”.  However, with your support,  we can move forward again on some of the priorities listed above.

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