Potential projects

Here is a list of projects that people have expressed an interest in starting. These projects may happen or they may never happen. What decides this is the amount of support they are getting from the community (i.e. YOU).

If you want to see one of these projects bear fruit, contact the project lead and offer your support whether practical or just moral. If you have an idea of your own, tell us about it using the form here.

(Note this data is not yet complete – this page is an example of an ongoing project! :_) )

Garden Courtyards Awards

Much of the town lacks colour.  This project aims to change that by creating a Garden Courtyard Award, for the most attractive Courtyards and Rear Alleyways in Birkenhead and Tranmere.



Greening the route to the Priory

Birkenhead Priory (1150 CE) is Birkenhead’s oldest historic building.

Most visitors are likely to approach it from the Woodside ferry area, but the access is through an industrial estate and is “deeply depressing” (according to one source).

This project aims to improve the experience by lining the route with birch trees.