Greening the route to Birkenhead Priory

Birkenhead Priory (1150 CE) is Birkenhead’s oldest historic building.

Most visitors approach the historic Priory from the Woodside Ferry area, via an industrial estate. Community members have said that they  think this route is ‘depressing’. There is a proposal to improve things by greening the route to the Priory.

Greening Priory Street

This project aims to improve the experience by lining Priory Sreet with birch trees, which provides a link to Birkenhead’s original Saxon name (Birch Headland).

This is the main access to the 13th century Birkenhead Priory,

As it is now

By planting trees along these streets, we can bring a completely different feel to this (currently) forbidding street scene

What we want to do. These trees will mature over time.

When trees mature they look like this.


The proposed trees are Silver Birch, and as they grow, they absorb  CO2 generated by the surrounding factories and passing vehicles, so as well as improving the look of the area they also help with the climate crisis problem.

Silver Birch is known to be quick growing, so the visual changes are also fast.

Would you like to see this happen? If so, please contact us here. The more support we have, the more pressure we can apply to make it happen.

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