Help with Our Projects

Artist’s Sketch of Birkenhead Conservation Area

We support local community projects that have come from residents ideas or needs, or from government initiatives that are in line with our aims (See  Scope).

All projects have stages of development.

We have divided these projects into two groups.

In our experience, if you know the problem, you often also know a solution, but you may be stuck on how to promote that solution .

It is your involvement that makes the solutions happen and become successful.

We do not directly take on projects ourselves (although some of our members may be actively involved in them).

Instead we encourage, nurture and, sometimes, help fund projects that you have identified or want to push for.

There are lots of way you can make a difference. For example, helping with surveys or letting your neighbours and work colleagues know about projects and activities.

You could also  become a shareholder of the society.  The more shareholders we have, the louder our voice can be when we want to speak up for local residents.

You can also let us know what ideas you have. Just make sure they are practical. Check out the projects that are already under way. You might want to get involved with one of those, and we will put you in touch with the right person if you complete the form on the page for the project that interests you.

If you have an idea that’s not already covered, and it is practical, tell us about it on the form below.

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