The Community Benefit Society does not directly take on projects itself. Instead it encourages, nurtures and sometimes helps fund projects being run by other groups whose aims align with those of the Society.

As a properly registered community benefit society the society has access to funds and legal statuses that some local voluntary groups may lack. In these cases, the society can provide the channels to help make things happen that might otherwise prove difficult or impossible to achieve.

Having said that, we do not have a magic wand, and sometimes achieving what is needed can take a painfully long time. We do our best. Patience is a virtue.

There are projects that the society, or its predecessor, the Neighbourhood Planning Forum have been a part of which are completed. There are projects which are ongoing, and there are projects which at this stage are just an idea.

  • Projects in progress. These are projects that may be asking for your help. Along with each project there is a way to contact the project leader so that you can offer to help if you think you have something to offer.
  • Potential projects. These projects may happen or they may never happen. What decides this is the amount of support they are getting from the community. If you want to see one of these projects bear fruit, contact the project lead and offer your support – or at the very least, leave a comment on the project page to say that it is a project you would particularly like to see succeed.