Corporate v Individual Membership

The membership form asks you to choose between Corporate membership and Individual membership.
This is to do with the Society’s rules 14-16, which read:
“14. The first Members of the Society are those Persons subscribing to these Rules and
will be known as the Founder Members. The Board may at its discretion admit to
membership any individual, corporate body or nominee of an unincorporated body,
firm or partnership who supports the objects of the Society and who has paid or
agreed to pay any subscription or other sum due in respect of membership for the time
being in force.
Applications for Membership
15. No natural person shall be admitted into membership of the Society unless they have
attained the age of 16. All those wishing to become a Member must support the
objects of the Society and complete an application for membership which shall include
an application for at least one share in the Society. Such an application form must be
approved by the Directors and the Directors must approve each application for
16. A corporate body which is a Member shall by resolution of its governing body appoint
a representative who may during the continuance of her/his appointment be entitled to
exercise all such rights and powers as the corporate body would exercise if it were an
individual person. Each such corporate body Member shall supply notification in
Writing to the Society of its choice of representative.”