The Society wants to be able to apply for money from central Government. The government is more likely to agree if it sees evidence of support from the local community. The best way to show that is by the number of people who have joined the society.

So if you are interested in a strong and well funded voice working to make Birkenhead and Tranmere a better place to live, the best way is to join us (see below).  Don’t worry, it is not at all expensive to join.

Forum management committee meeting with Zoe Goddard of Locality (far right), August 2017

A bit of history: In July 2017 the Neighbourhood Planning Forum was awarded £2,250. This was used to find out from you, our local residents what is needed in the way of local development and particularly regarding housing.

As a result a commitment was made for community-led housing projects to be delivered by a separate community-led organisation.  This is how and why the  Birkenhead & Tranmere Community Benefit Society (BATCBS) came into being.

The society’s directors have been working with Locality and its advisors to work out the best way forward.