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BATCBS Shareholders

The shareholders of Birkenhead and Tranmere Community Benefit Society will be asked to complete a simple form, so that the the Society will be ready for changes in Government legistation regarding the Registration of Companies. Being prepared helps the Society react quickly and effectively. Would you like to be more involved, but don’t have the time? …

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Friends of Hamilton Square are really happy to announce that funding has been found from Wirral Borough Council and a significant step forward has been made with the introduction of Conservation Area signage, which will clearly identify the Conservation Area around Hamilton Square for residents, businesses and visitors. Philip Barton, Chairman of the Friends of …

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Clifton Park has had a major heritage assessment undertaken through the Birkenhead & Tranmere Community Benefit Society Ltd. See the character assessment project. Recently the Council’s senior heritage officer, Christopher Han, has obtained funding for new conservation area signs. So that Clifton Park does not miss out on this rare opportunity, Philip Barton, Director of …

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Birkenhead Park seeks Unesco World Heritage Status

BIRKENHEAD Park is among seven sites in the UK and its overseas territories in the running to win Unesco World Heritage status. Read the article in full at Wirral Globe web site

Friends of Hamilton Square AGM 2023


The Friends of Hamilton Square are holding their AGM on Monday 20th March, 2023 at Birkenhead Town Hall. They will be updating the members on their progress over the past year, and future projects. Visit the friends Website to learn more.

Other Organisations

BATCBS is not the only organisation actively promoting the improvement of the area. We have recently been advised of ‘Placed’, who are organising events which you may be interested in. Visit their website Place Birkenhead.

Consultation Group formed

Chairman of HSCAAC, Philip Barton, announced on 1st February 2023 that a Consultation Group focusing on practical improvements in the Conservation Area has been formed, following funding approval in January 2023. This Group brings together Wirral Council, BATCBS, FHSCA and development consultants ‘Placed’ for projects to improve Hamilton Square.

Funding Success

Rubbish bins on pavement in Hamilton Square

Following BATCBS support and evidence (January 2023)  Wirral Council has confirmed that the bid for infrastructure improvements for Hamilton Square and the Conservation area has been approved in principle. During 2023 BATCBS will be involved in providing advice and support for funded projects.

Update on Activities by the Friends (18 June 2019)

Friends of Hamilton Square Conservation Area held their Third Annual General Meeting on 18 June 2019, where they discussed issues raised during the year, and set out a programme for future years. What the Friends have done recently… One of the key activities of the Friends is to give their professional opinion on Planning Applications …

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BATCBS holds inaugural meeting

On Monday 18th June 2018 at a meeting dissolving the Birkenhead and Tranmere Neighbourhood Planning Forum, the Birkenhead and Tranmere Community Benefit Society was inaugurated