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Friends of Hamilton Square AGM 2023

The Friends of Hamilton Square are holding their AGM on Monday 20th March, 2023 at Birkenhead Town Hall. They will be updating the members on their progress over the past year, and future projects. Visit the friends Website to learn more.

Other Organisations

BATCBS is not the only organisation actively promoting the improvement of the area. We have recently been advised of ‘Placed’, who are organising events which you may be interested in. Visit their website Place Birkenhead.

Consultation Group formed

Chairman of HSCAAC, Philip Barton, announced on 1st February 2023 that a Consultation Group focusing on practical improvements in the Conservation Area has been formed, following funding approval in January 2023. This Group brings together Wirral Council, BATCBS, FHSCA and development consultants ‘Placed’ for projects to improve Hamilton Square.

Funding Success

Rubbish bins on pavement in Hamilton Square

Following BATCBS support and evidence (January 2023)  Wirral Council has confirmed that the bid for infrastructure improvements for Hamilton Square and the Conservation area has been approved in principle. During 2023 BATCBS will be involved in providing advice and support for funded projects.