Friends of Hamilton Square

“Friends of Hamilton Square” is the name of a support group who want the best for this unique historic Georgian square.

That means giving advice to local residents and businesses in Hamilton Square, and working with Wirral Council, to make the Square better for everyone.

The Square is a living place, and should adapt to changes. However, that is not easy when the buildings are Listed and in a Conservation area.

Working together really makes a difference.

The Friends already have a team that provides local planning application advice (See details here); they have created a Guide for maintaining the unique Square, and other heritage homes (See details here). Are you interested to join these more technical teams? Please let us know via the form below.

The Friends members aim to become involved with issues that affect Hamilton Square and the local area. Click the image icons to find out more.

The Friends would really like to involve more residents and businesses based in Hamilton Square to improve the Square.

Do you live or work in Hamilton square or often visit?

Do you have ideas to improve the Square and the surrounding area?

If so, please contact us.

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