Conservation Area Advisory Committee

The  “Hamilton Square Conservation Area Advisory Committee” (HSCA) was set up as a working group of the “Friends of Hamilton Square” on 19 May 2016.  The committee can

  • advise the Local Planing Authority (the Council) (LPA) about relevant planning applications and other matters referred to the committee;
  • advise them during the preparation or review of any policies or guidance, including the their Historic Environment Record, which might affect the Hamilton Square Conservation Area
  • advise them about schemes that are referred to the committee for work on the roads, open spaces or any other public space that could affect the Hamilton Square Conservation Areas or operations

The committee has the following members:

  • Chair – Philip A Barton Esq MCD BA(Hons) CertIT(cantab) MRTPI
  • Secretary – Mike Elkerton MBE
  • Architectural Advisor – Mark Baker MSc. Arch. AEES
  • Rod Heron (resident and small business owner)

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