Who are we

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Our official title is the Birkenhead & Tranmere Community Benefit Society.

We aim to help people like you, who are interested in improving your area, getting the skills and money you need to promote your own community project. For example, whether it is community-led housing,  setting up a local ‘pop-up’ store, or any other idea you may have that will bring life to your area in Birkenhead and Tranmere.

Our goal is to work, not for our members, but for the local Birkenhead and Tranmere community. The community that we serve is shown on the ‘Geography’ page (link above).

Birkenhead & Tranmere Community Benefit Society has been around since 2018 and, for everyone’s peace of mind, we work under rules set by Financial Conduct Authority.

On this web site, you can find out about

  • projects we are already involved in, especially those where an extra pair of helping hands would be welcome
  • how to get a project of your own off the ground
  • resources to help us improve our local environment

But most of all we want to hear your suggestions as to how we can be more useful in achieving the best for Birkenhead & Tranmere.

Use the ‘Back‘ link  above to go to our home page, where all these three options are covered.