Privacy Policy

This page is about your privacy and how we respect it wherever possible

Protecting against spam and questionable web sites

We need to protect ourselves from spam. That’s when people try to use our contact forms or comment boxes to try to push their products or lure you to sites to try to steal your data. To do this, we use a spam checking service (Akismet). They need to know your internet address (IP address) and the content of your comment so they can compare it with known spammers.

Registering on our site

You do not have to register on our site to use it, but it can be helpful. If you register on our site and log in to use it (recommended) we use cookies so that we can know you are logged in. These cookies are removed when you log out or close your browser (unless you check the ‘Remember me’ box). We also keep any data you enter when you register until you ask us to delete it. We will always delete it if asked (and de-register you)


If you use Gravatar (a site that allows you to add your avatar to comments and so on), we will keep your gravatar data so that your avatar can be added when appropriate. (Gravatar’s privacy policy can be read here)

Hidden data in images you upload

If you upload media (photos and so on) the file you upload may contain extra hidden data (e.g. where and when the picture was taken). Anyone can download these and find this hidden data. If you care about this, you should remove this (EXIF) data before uploading.

Accessing external sites

If you view a page with content from another site (e.g. YouTube) then their privacy policy will apply. This may not be the same as ours.

Checking what information we have about you

Finally, if you ask us to, we will supply you with copies of all data related directly to you. Also, if you ask us to, we will delete all  data connected to you, apart from any data which we must keep because the law says we must.

What does the small print say?

You can read the small print here