Fifth Annual General Meeting 6 April 2021

                                                       Fifth Annual General Meeting
6 April 2021


View the full minutes of the AGM here: FHSCA AGM 2021 FINAL

In brief:

Chair’s report

Over the past year, there has been an overall improvement in how council officers
have dealt with applications that have the potential to negatively affect the historic
integrity of the conservation area as a whole and the architectural significance of
individual Listed buildings within it.

In some cases, officers have actively sought the advisory committee’s advice and/or
opinion about the effect of development upon specific buildings. Greater notice
seems to be taken of our representations than in previous years, with our comments
sometimes being referenced in officer reports.

Greater attention is being paid to the twentieth century buildings in Argyle Street. For
example, the proposed design of the new frontage of 75 Argyle Street was changed to
reference Crittal-style windows, which we referred to in our representation.

Remedial applications have been required to restore original materials, for example at
14 Hamilton Square and to ensure that rear elevations of listed buildings receive the
same attention as the front, for example at 7 Bridge Street.

Architectural Adviser’s Report

Mark Baker has continued to work on a Historic Homes Guide, which will contain advice
about building maintenance, planning policy, shopfront design and other important

Two generous offers of sponsorship, either in cash or in kind, for the publication of these
books have been received. If anyone else would like to sponsor their publication, please

Mark’s report is attached to this presentation. Progress on the electronic Historic Homes
Guide can be viewed here:

Please send any comments, suggestions or criticisms to