Completed Projects

We can all learn and the best (and least painful) way to learn is from other peoples experiences. What worked and what didn’t. What obstacles there were and how they were overcome, or not. etc, etc. Have a look through the projects below and if you would like more information, click on the link (where available)

K6 style telephone kiosk

K6 style telephone kiosk

Restoring an old faithful

This project was the result of the efforts of the Friends of Hamilton Square Conservation Area.

BT and the council were persuaded to relocate one of the Grade II-listed K6 telephone kiosks from Duncan Street/Hamilton Street to the junction of Price Street with Argyle Street, where a K6 kiosk had been sited from between about 1935 and 1995.



Charging Points for Electric Vehicles

Although there has been a rise, after promotion, of hybrid cars (using petrol and electric power) to reduce the impact of engine pollution, there is a lack of publicly available electric charging points.

This project aimed to increase the number of charging points around town. Now that new government regulations for the provision of charging points for electric/hybrid vehicles exist, this project is no longer active.

If there is a place where you think there ought to be a charging point, check to see if the regulations demand it, and let us know what you find out

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