Greening the route to the Priory

Many of the visitors to our area come over from Liverpool by ferry in order to see the historic Birkenhead Priory, but when they arrive they are faced with quite a depressing walk through a bleak, windswept, and depressing, Industrial estate.

The contrast with Liverpool’s vibrant welcome to tourists could not be greater.

Yet it need not be like this. We could line the route with Silver Birch Trees (which gave Birkenhead its’name) and transform that initial impression, whilst at the same time, cleaning the local air of traffic pollution.

Before planting the trees

The same area with newly planted Silver Birch trees.


Do you think this is worthwhile?

Please lend your support to this project. If you have ideas to make it even better, we would love to hear your ideas.

Greening the route to the Priory

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